I'm a design leader who cares about increasing access to information, privacy, community and opportunity. 

I have 15 years of experience working with startups, design studios, non-profits, government agencies, educational institutions, international organizations. 

I optimize to cultivate environments that make way for teams to ship elegant and clear solutions to complex problems, consistently and flexibly, with a specific expertise in taking products from 0 - 1 and scaling them onwards. 

Read about the practices that guide how I amplify wellness and effectiveness for individuals and teams.

Recent work

I’m currently Head of Product Design at Rally, a team within Mozilla.

Before this, I was with Nava PBC
, where I led teams to build products for people who seek and use government benefits in partnership with them and federal & state government agencies, such as:
  • 🦅 Department of Veterans Affairs 
  • 🌲 State of California’s Employment Development Department
  • 🍁 State of Vermont’s Agency of Human Services
  • 🏥 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services 

...and with 18F, a design and technology team within the federal government, where I was:
  • Lead designer/researcher on login.gov for more than 2 years, building the product from zero to 30 million users
  • Research lead for diversity, equity and inclusion work 
  • Researcher for a redesigned public benefit program application
  • Researcher for Federalist, a publishing platform for government sites

Outside of work, I’m proud to have...
  • volunteered with Inneract Project, where, through participatory research, my team created the framework of a new entrepreneurial design curriculum with staff and students
  • earned a MFA in Interaction Design and completed my thesis, Surveillance Stories, which makes the technically and socially complex concept of surveillance easier to understand on a personal level
  • recieved the Powerful Leader in Design award from DC FemTech
  • cultivated a painting practice and earned a BFA in Graphic Design and Painting


👋🏽 I’d love to chat meghana.khandekar@gmail.com.
My name is pronounced Meg-na Khan-dey-ker.
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