I’m developing an evolving set of practices that guide why and how I work. Some of them are:

🌱  Take care of people
I believe people who are happy, well, and work at a sustainable pace create a great workplace. I practice deep listening and build authentic individual and team relationships to create inclusive, effective cultures and thoughtful, human-centered products.  

🧰  Transform complexity to clarity
It brings me great satisfaction to dive into the complexity of a system and to bring clarity to chaos. I thrive in environments where teams work on complex subject areas without pre-defined roadmaps and meet complex and diverse user, policy and business needs. I’ve worked on surveillance culture and privacy rights, authentication and identity verification products for all U.S. government agencies, and improving critical government services so they work for the most vulnerable populations. 

💜  Build trust through open communication
I work in transparent and vulnerable ways. This includes speaking honestly about what I know, what I don’t know, what’s working and what isn’t. When we don’t speak about a challenge, the risk of not addressing it is even higher. I’m well versed in getting a team aligned on a common challenge and encourage and model healthy discussion that inspires good questions, listening and a way forward. I’m also experienced in guiding teams to adopt and strengthen distributed-first communication and collaboration practices.

🔄  Bias towards action
As an multidisciplinary leader, my day to day work often moves beyond the label of “design”. My roles include strategic planning and roadmapping, structuring research and design activities, mentorship for early career designers, coaching for seasoned ones, providing feedback for team members to grow their skills,  and encouraging others by orchestrating practical optimism. I care about what needs attention andwhere others need help, and find the most appropriate way to offer support.

✨  Grow beyond my comfort zone by learning from others:
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